Friday, October 10, 2008

Publix and Albertsons Shopping

This was a slow sale week all around. I guess grocery stores dont see Columbus Day as a big sale day? lol
My first stop was Publix.
6 Barber Stuffed Chicken Breast bogo $4.99 used 6 $1/1qs
2 New England Coffee bogo $5.99 used 2 $1.5/1 qs
2 Clasico Sauces bogo $2.59 (i think I cant remember!?)bogo used a Publix $1/2q
2 Old El Paso salsa bogo $2.39 used 1 $2/1q
4 General Mills cereal: on sale $3/5
3 Coco Puffs Combos used 3 $1/1 from a GM book in Publix weeks ago
1 Fruity Cherrios used $1/1 peelie
also used 2 $1/2 Target ip for general mills cereal (found @ )
I also picked up a few things w/o coupons (which dang near killed me)
my total oop was $20.xx and saved was $64.xx
not too shabby!
Then I dragged my little guy to Albertsons, I should have picked hamburger up at Publix as its .02 cheaper a lb. but I forgot!
Picked up
5 lbs hamburger
3 packs (about 5.5 lbs) Pet.Sirloin Steaks~~ these are buy one get two free!!
Fresh Mushrooms
2lbs Black Grapes .99 lb and sooo yummy!
2 more packs of scott t.p. sale $1 used 2 .55/1 qs
total oop $24 saved $28
I went over my $40 goal for the week but I have enough red meat for a month!
So how did you all do? Any great deals I missed??


Sarah R said...

Oooh, oooh, ooooh, I have a question. What is a qs?

mom2nji said...

Lol sorry!
qs= coupons!!!
Ip= internet printables