Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oooey Gooey Fun

Caramel Apple

(please ignore the date on the pic I changed my batteries and didnt reset the date)

Those who know me, know I am not the best at the Martha Stewart type stuff. When I found out you can make caramel apples in the microwave, I was excited! I love caramel, I mean really, really, really love it.
I THOUGHT this would be a great after school activity to do with the boys, and they have a blast! But we made one HUGE sticky, gooey mess!
The boys unwrapped two bags worth of caramel cubes (Kraft and dumped them into a microwavable bowl w/ 2tbs or water. I zapped them for a minute at a time and stirred until it turned into a melted mess. While I was stirring the boys stabbed popcicle sticks into the apples. And now for the fun/disasterous part... get the caramel on the apples. We tried dipping them, couldnt get an even coat. So we used spoons to pour it over them, holy cow were we all sticky! Lastly place the apples/gooballs on a buttered wax paper lined cookie sheet and cool in fridge for at least an hour.
You made need a pressure washer to get the caramel of you, the kids, and whatever surface you did this on!
The results? OH goodness were these YUMMY!
They were quickly devoured by all of us!
I am looking for other fun fall crafts to do with a boys, any suggestions?

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