Sunday, August 31, 2008

At last

Today we went to Hollywood Studios @ Disney and rode the new Toy Story ride over and over and over again! We also went to Epcot for a while. Why do we never learn that two parks in one day is one too many? I am pooped!

So, my middle son Jordan has been going through a phase where he smiles like a monkey! lol No matter how I try to get him to relax as soon as the camera turns on his upper lip vanishes!!!
Today I caught him off guard talking to his aunt Mandy, and got this adorable pic of him!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Publix Rocks!

I thought I would only need a few thing this week, but I think my sons are having growth spurts (that or they have tape worms). We went through a HUGE amount of food in one week! So off to Publix I went! The sales were pretty good and I had tons of coupon match ups!
Heres what I picked up tonight:

2 boxes of cherrios $1.99 used 2 $1/1 ip from
4 Cambells Select soups on bogo 2.33 used 2 $.50/2q
2 Chips ahoy bogo 3.69 used 1 .75/2 q
4 2pack Glade scented oil refills bogo $5.49 used 2 bogo Glade qs (that makes them free!!)
4 Ball Park Beef Franks bogo $3.79 used 2 $1/1 q
2 Mt. Olive pickles bogo $2.19 used 2 $.50/1
2 Lawrys Marinade bogo $2.79 used 2 $1/1q (found on bottles)
3 Toaster Strudels sale 3/$5 used 1 $1/1 ip and 1 $1/2ip
1 Goodlife Cat food sale $3.49 used $2/1 peelie (these were in the paper too)
1 Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaner sale $2.50 used $1/1
4 Yoplait lights sale .50 ea used $1/4 ip
shredded lettuce* (used a $2 off of $5 Food lion ip for produce)
5 lbs bananas*
2 Garlic*
****no coupons****
2lb hamburger
publix Marg.
Plastic forks (has anyone seen my silverware???)

TOTAL OOP $30.26!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please forgive that I do not have the links for the internet coupons (ip) I hope to add them sometime tommorow!
If you need them sooner I found almost all of them on and (under Publix weekly ad)!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Great Deal

The awesome folks at are having a Labor Day sale. Pick a restaurant and and when you proceed to check out enter the code Labor and it will reduce the already discounted price by 60%. This makes the $10 ones $1.20 and the $20 ones $4.00. I have used this site many times and LOVE it! This is a great opportunity to try new places! I have found wonderful restaurants I would have never gone to if I didn't have a gift card. Happy dinning!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mommy's not ready

It seems like only yesterday I had three in diapers, but today my youngest Isaiah went off to pre-school. He is only going two mornings a week and I miss him already (its been an hour since I dropped him off). Last week Noah and Jordan went to big boy school and Isaiah has been going out of his mind waiting for his big day! He dressed himself and had his bag ready at the door before I was even dressed. I told him repeatedly that he didnt have to go (bad mommy move, I know) but he was sooo ready. He told me he was going to make tons of friends and that his teacher would love him! He is not lacking in the confidence department lol. So as soon as I finish this, I am going to clean my carpets and they MIGHT stay clean for 4 whole hours. That is if I dont leave a trail of tears!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Second try at Walgreens!

Last week I got 10 bottles of Dove shampoo/conditioner and only had to pay tax! So I decided to see how I could make out this week!
I got:
2 bottles of Glade Odor Eliminator $3.59 ea
used 2 $1/1 wags q ,1 $1/1 Glade, 1 $1.50/1
4 Glade Plug-ins $4.79 bogo
2 Glade bogo q
1 Infusium Conditioner $3.50 (on clearance)
$3/1 Infusium
1 Rimmel Lip Liner $3.29 bogo
1 Rimmel Brow Pencil $3.29
1 $1/ Rimmel q & 1 2 $1/1 wags Rimmel
******Total before Q's (after bogos) was $25.19 was $5.xx

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Animal Kingdom Adventure

One of my goals as a wife and mother is to save money but we do have one MAJOR splurge Disney seasonal passes. We discovered after going once for free last year that N (my oldest) LOVES Disney! Turns out lots of other autistic children have had similar responses, he has come leaps and bounds socially from our visits and now longer freaks out from crowds (most of the time)!Today we went to Animal Kingdom. We were worried the Safari would be flooded from all the rain, but were very surprised it was one of our best rides! We got very close to giraffes, elephants, and rhinos! My sweet little J found a wallet on a slide and turned it into a cast member, his honesty was rewarded with a special Pixie dust pin! He was so proud! Please forgive my very poor picture formatting I am new to this and couldnt figure out how to fix it!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

This weeks shopping Albertsons and Publix

I started at Publix this week for mostly the great deals on juicy and cherrios. I got:
6 V-8 Splashes on bogo
2 Juicy juices (lg bottles) on bogo
2 Motts apple juice bogo
4 Kens marinades bogo
2 Motts tots juice boxes not on bogo but I needed them for school
5 boxes of cherrios sale 1.99
i used
5 $1/1 cherrios ip
3 $1/2 v-8 spash
4 $1/1 Kens marinades
2 $1/2 Motts juice
2 $1/1 juicy juice ip
1 $1/2 Target juicy juice
1 publix $5/30
*I spent $12.01 and saved $50.43!! (i even got a WOW from the bag boy!)

On to Albertsons
10/10 deals
4 motts apple sauce 6 packs--used 2 .55/2q
10 Knoors pasta/rice sides--used 5 .75/2q
4 hunts pudding 4 pack-- 2 .30/2q
5 picsweet veg. steamers
1 lb carrots
cream cheese

2 lb baby red potatoes 2.99 bogo
3lb onions 2.49 bogo
3 yoplait whips 2/$1--used .60/2q
4 sun maid raisins 2/$3--used 2 $1/2q
3 packs ckn breast on sale .98 lb

*not on sale*
bag rice
pork chops
I also cashed in my rain checks for Deli meat and bread deal and totinos .88
2 loaves sara lee bread
2 hilshire farms deli ham all for $4.19
5 totinos pizza rolls --used 5 .35/1q
and finally used $5/50 albertsons q

**total 51.95 saved 62.xx!!
I went a little over my $60 goal but am stocked on juice and preschool snacks for months!
I am still new to this and want to thank www.moneysavingmomcom and for helping me through!

Welcome to my blog!

As my intro says I am a stay-at-home mom to three boys. I have been married almost 10 years to the most hard working man on earth. I live in "sunny" Florida, not so sunny right now as we have been pounded by tropical storm Fay for 6 days! Our oldest son who turns 8 next month is Autistic and little bit of a handful, but has the sweetest heart of any child I have ever met! My middle little monkey is Mr. Sensitve and very bright. He just started kindergarden this year. My youngest is hilarious and way too smart for his own good!
I recently started clipping coupons and raiding the internet for the cheapest way to feed our crew! Three boys and a hungry daddy can eat alot!
I hope to post my daily adventures, victories, and struggles as a mom and bargin hunter!
though some how I have managed to ace both college English classes I have taken be prepared for spelling and grammer erroros gallore!