Saturday, April 9, 2011

This is happening, we are having a baby!

I had my Nt scan yesterday, the test that I kept telling myself would be the point I could start to relax if it looked good. I was a wreck the night before, I couldn't breathe thinking they would discover this baby had the same issue Kai did. Down's didn't worry as much as the whole not having a brain thing. Of course they were running 30 minutes behind and I am pretty sure my heart almost exploded.

It took her a while to get the measurements, jiggling my belly, having me flip over, all kinds of fun. The baby was very active and wasn't down with the intrusion. She assured me she thought everything looked great, but had to get proof. Finally she did. The nasal bone was present and the fold (which should be under 2.5) was only 0.99. There was a full brain in the head. All limbs where they belonged. I even got to see the blood flow into the cord!

So as of right now, we have a fully formed, healthy baby!

I am still in a lot of pain and no one can find the cause. Theory is there is scar tissue from my csections. Not going to hurt the baby, but I am going to stay very uncomfortable.

Everyone and their mother seem to think this baby is a girl...except Neil and me. My doc wants to wait to do the gender scan until 20 weeks, which is 7 weeks away! ACK. I think we are going to go to one of the private sonogram places and get one done at 17 weeks.

Sorry I haven't been blogging about anything other than the contents of my uterus, but I seem to have completely lost my brain.