Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bloggers Block

I can't place why I haven't blogged, I keep meaning too, then I realize it has been 2 months again. Arabella is 9 months old and a shining light in our lives. The boys still adore her even though she bites them. She isn't quite crawling but she manages to get around pretty well. She is still nursing almost exclusively, she is just getting the hang of food. She isn't a fan of anyone outside of the family and will scream bloody murder if anyone dares to hold her. I don't mind though, I love having a momma's girl. I still cant get over how much I LOVE buying dresses and boys. She is so very different from her brothers, but every bit as awesome.
The boys are all home for summer break and I am loving sleeping in! They are finally getting old enough to let the me and the baby sleep in. They are still rowdy and a handful, we have already had one need stitches. I can not believe that I will have a 2nd, 4th, and 5th graders (and a one year old) next year. Jordan rocked the FCAT with near perfect scores and will be tested for gifted next year. Isaiah is also on the fast track to gifted and was the top reader in his class. Noah exceeded all his goals and has gone further than we could have dreamed.
As for me, I finally graduated with my AA (with highest honors), but honestly I have no desire to continue. All I want to do is be a mommy. I think that is the root of my lack of blogging and tweeting. I am still sucking up every moment of Bella's babyhood and having fun with my sons.