Monday, October 26, 2009

So annoyed, I can't even think of a title

I hate WalMart. I make every effort to avoid the hell hole, particularly the one in the closest town to me. On the average visit you are likely to see the ghetto and/or redneck elite of the area. Last Thursday, I needed treat bags and the first store I stopped by was out, so I ran/limped into WalMart.

Thought I could be in and out in a second. As I was walking to the register I noticed a mother dealing with a 6-8 yo boy having a total meltdown, cry and wailing. I heard her tell him they were leaving, she headed to the closest register, with him still sobbing behind her.

I went to a register two aisles over, my heart went out to the mother, because, dude, we have ALL been there at some point. As the mother of an Autistic son, I have had more than my share of public meltdowns. Heck even my "normal" son's have done this.

What happened next BLEW my mind. The cashier and a customer were having a very rude and vile conversation about the mother and her son. Before I share that, let me paint a picture...
Customer: heavy (like really heavy), late 30's, cami tank top (NO BRA) short shorts and beat up flip flops
Cashier: avg, walmart attire, several odd piercings, her name in gold in her earrings and necklace (in case she forgot?), painted on eyebrows, and of course 12 inch fake nails

Here is the conversation:
Customer: If that was my f**king kid, I would be beating his a$$.

Cashier: Ain't no way in hells, I would be lettin my kid punk me like that Sh%t.

Customer: It's her own fault, she dont be whoopin his a$$ enough. (she takes off her
narsty flip flop and starts acting out beating the child) I be beating my kids a$$es with my shoes when they bad in public.

Cashier:hell yeah. she ain't no good mom to be letting her kid ak like that here.

* at this point my HEAD is about to explode and I can't stay quiet*

me: Excuse me but you don't know her or her child. I have a son with special needs and he does things like that. The last thing I need in the situation is to hear people like YOU talking about me while I try to cope.

Customer: Well that's all good for you, but I would still beat his a$$

me: you ARE aware if you beat a child with a shoe in a public place, you will probably go to jail, right?

Cashier: Oh no I won't (insert finger waggin and head motions). It be my right to beat my kids a$$.

There is more but you get the point. So I pick up my few items and leave for another register, before I jump over the damn counter and and beat the B#tch with MY shoe.

I tell the next cashier what happened, it turns out she also has a special needs son and is disgusted by the conversation. She asked me to speak with the manager and I did. The managers response? "So what do you want me to do about it?"

Keep it classy WalMart.

*I have no idea if this kid was special needs or just having a fit, but either way this conversation was just wrong.
**I should have just ignored them, but for some reason child abuse riles me up.
***These ladies were both not minorities and this was pretty much word for word what they said (the best I can recall)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Being Truthful

With Twitter and the blogoshere all aflutter with TSAgate09. The topic of being truthful is all over. *For the record, I have chatted with the person involved a few times in the past and really like her. I have no idea what really happened that day. It's not my story. Granted, my busybody nature wants to know, but I will have to get over it.*

Anyhoo back to what I was saying... Being truthful.

Ugh this is hard for me, I have never lied on twitter or my blog. But I tend to gloss over. I have a horrible time letting it all out. Even in my "venting" posts, it isn't all there. I also have a lot to tell about things that have happened to me, but I can't.

I have these numbing fears; of hurting people, of letting people down, of coming across whiny, or people judging me.

I try to come across as a happy person, who has it all together (ha ha), who is strong, and who can take the knocks life seems to constantly hurl my way.

But the truth is, I am angry, I am sad, I am lost... so freaking lost.

Even as I type these words, I feel like a weak loser.

I don't feel like there is a single person on earth I can tell all the crap that is in my head too.

I admire all the ladies that can lay it all out. Just pour their hearts into post after post. After blogging for more than a year, I feel like my blog is still superficial (with the exception of a few posts). I have no idea how to convince myself it's ok to be truthful about how I feel.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday:Epcot at Night

Because you can never have too much Disney!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My CVS Shopping Trip 10/13

OMG I am just as shocked as all of you. I am actually posting a money saving post!

Because of our car issues, I was not able to get to CVS on Sunday like I hoped to. I was not surprised that my CVS was out of the pumpkin carvers. But I was still able to get some good deals.

2 Gillette Fusion Razor sale $9.99 ea
Used 2 $4/1 coupons
Earned 5 ECBs when you spend $15 on Gillette

2 Garnier Hair Colors sale $4.99
Used 2 $2/1 coupons AND 1 $3/2 hair color CVS coupon

1 Pumpkin trick or treat bag sale .99
Earned .99ECBs

2 candy corns sale 2/.88

1 Johnson's Buddy bar soap $1.39
used $1/1 coupon

Also used a $5/25 CVS coupon and 10 ECBs
Total out of pocket was $3.99
Earned 6 ECBs

Monday, October 12, 2009

If you ain't got nothin nice to say...

You should probably shut the heck up, but I won't. Because isn't that what blogging is about?

I haven't blogged lately because I just can't think of anything nice to talk about.

I am tired and grouchy.

I am still not healthy, the stupid swine flu kicked my butt. My asthma, that had been dormant for the past three years, is raging.

I am depressed about the miscarriage(s).

And then this weekend, BOTH, yes I said BOTH, of our cars broke down. Luckily dh's car was a pretty easy fix. The van on the other hand is a mess. It started on Saturday morning, when my brake light was randomly flashing. Later that night the radio started rapidly flying through stations. And right as we got on the interstate the freaking thing overheated. Well I think it overheated, the gauges were going up and down. Anyway I think it's possessed.

It's sitting in the mechanic's shop as I type this. I have no idea how the hell we are going to PAY to get it fixed. AGAIN.

Sheesh I sound miserable.

Luckily through all this there are bright spots.
1. My husband (I know it's cheesy, but he is really awesome)
2.Noah is THRIVING in school. He is becoming more and more like a typical kid everyday. It gives me chills.
3.Jordan is doing great in school too. I think having a male teacher really lit a fire in him to learn and he is reading like a pro now.
4.Isaiah...well that kid is a freaking treasure all around. He is so smart is scares me.
5.My knee is working about 80% of the time now. Which is a huge improvement.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

And the Party Continues

I am now down with the swine flu too. Which comes at a great time, since I have a test in school today and there are no retakes and no make ups. I can't find contact info on my professor anywhere, so I am going to have to don a oh so sexy mask to go in to tell him I have the pig plague. Knowing what a douchenoozle this guy is, I will probably have to take it tonight. I also have an outline due for a speech (oddly enough on the swine flu) and a test on Monday. I can only laugh, because at this point? It is that or fall into a sobbing ball of goo.


Called the school. I am NOT to go in even with a mask. Left message for professor.