Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ahhhh Fall

I know that some people get depressed from the changing seasons, I am the total opposite! I LOVE fall. Not sure how much I would love it if it was freezing here. However I live in Central Florida and fall means that its almost cool enough to breathe outside and brings days when you can go for walks and spend time in parks. But mostly I love the holidays that are coming.
Not too big on Halloween, but we do love fall festivals and carving pumpkins to make pumpkin seeds (will be doing that today so watch for the pics and posts to come).
And of course Thanksgiving is only a month away!
I love Thanksgiving, the entire family togther in a yummy smelling warm house and stuffing their faces with awesome food. I love cooking and Thanksgiving food is my favorite to cook. I hope your familys have a wonderful fall season.


Natalia said...

Hi I love fall too and alsoI live in Central Florida.
Like your blog.

mom2nji said...


Sarah R said...

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, Jenni! I love it because it's the only holiday lately that isn't all "gimme gimme." Plus my second favorite color is brown...I know that's silly, but it goes with everything! Can you believe my kids wore jackets to school today. They said it's "FREEZING." You's 77 out there. Yeah, a real blizzard.

mom2nji said...

lol! I was cold this am! I LOOOOVVEEE Thanksgiving! I love that we are thankful on that day and that I get to cook and stuff my big fat bootie.

Amanda said...

That picture of Isaiah is so cute! My baby!