Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hair-cut Carnage

the carnage

Before (in their costumes this am)
I had a surge of bravery today and ran with it, time to tackle the massive mop-fros on the younger boys heads.I didnt have to do Noah's after the whole autistic-boy-gets-ahold-of-scissors incident last month, which led to me having to cut off almost all his hair to even up the BALD spots ::sigh::
I have always cut all their hair because it is free and I am cheap, I also like doing hair.
The first victim... I mean first one up was Isaiah; he was pretty good until the end when he got very wiggly. He looks sooo cute with it short.
Then Jordan, you would think a 5 yo could sit still better than the 3yo, but NOPE I had to remind him every 30 seconds. The poor boy has been sweating like a piggy because he has SO much hair. Not only is his the longest of the trio but it is by far the thickest! I literally have to DIG to find his scalp (how did that stick get there?). I dang near bawled when I was done, he looks 12! Whaaa.


Barbara said...

OMG of all the years I have know you, I have never seen the boys hair that short! I LOVE it. I am sure it was hard on you though :-)

Sarah R said...

Oh yeah, I'm aware of the "autistic-boy-gets-ahold-of-scissors" situation. I gave up on curtains a few years ago.

Amanda said...

You cut my baby's hair!! They look so old!

CouponNerd said...

your blog entry reminded me of the first time my son got a haircut. he had nice fluffy curls when i left for work, and when i got home from work the curls were gone. my husband had taken the clippers to his head. i fished the curls out of the garbage and put them in a baggy

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