Friday, September 30, 2011

Arabella Zoe

It's hard to explain, after 37 weeks, this pregnancy was surreal. Even after hundreds of doctors appointments, too many ultrasounds to count, and listening to her heartbeat every night, part of my brain struggled to comprehend that we were having a baby, a girl no less.

After my 36 week appointment at the high risk, I started to feel off. Contractions picked up and I felt sick and dizzy. I ended up back in l&d, thinking once again, it was nothing and I would be going home in a few hours. Arabella was doing well on the monitors, but me? Not so much. My blood pressure has jumped from 110/74 earlier in the day to 155/116. They thought it had to be a mistake and tried taking it over and over, but it was still high. The contractions were coming every 2-3 mins, but were doing nothing. I was admitted and given magnesium sulfate, hoping it would stop the bp and the contractions...

Once I was diagnosed with preeclamsia, I thought for sure they would do the csection, but no. I spent a LONG week in the hospital, it was hell on my anxiety, but it was totally worth it. My bp spiked again and since I had finally hit 37 weeks, they finally decided it was time.

Arabella Zoe arrived via csection at 9:59 am on 9/25, 5lbs 15oz and 19.5 inches. She is tiny, but strong. She is just about the prettiest baby ever. I am so over the moon in love. We all are. We only put her down to sleep and that is reluctantly. Watching the boys love her is just amazing. I haven't written about her birth until now, because there are just no words that can explain our joy. Not sure there will ever be enough to tell.

Friday, September 16, 2011

36 weeks

*ignore the awful hair! I went and got it done after this picture.

Wow. I have now officially past when I has Isaiah too. I am starting to think she is in this for the long haul.

Which now isn't so long.

At our appointment on Thursday, we were expecting to see a 6 1/2 lb baby based on the measurements from 32 weeks when she was 4lb 9oz, but she was only 5lb 8 oz. Not a terrible size at all, considering the boys were all small too (well not Jordan so much he was 6lb 6oz at 35 weeks), but her growth dropped from the 55% to the 24%. If you remember I tested for a possible NT defect early on and that test can also be an indicator that the placenta will break down prematurely, that seems to be happening. There is still great blood flow and there isn't calcification so far, but they are not willing to risk pushing the pregnancy past 38 weeks.

I am 10000% inclined to agree.

From what I know right now, still waiting to hear from surgery scheduling, the csection date should be 9/30, unless I go into labor on my own before then. I had my last (THANK GOD) P-17 shot, most say 7-10 days after the last one labor begins. I will be 37 weeks and term then, so BRING IT ON.

Honestly, if my water broke right now I would be very relieved. I am worried about her, as I have been the past 36 weeks. I just want her safely in my arms. Again they told us she has a lot of hair and big lips, I can't wait to see her.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

35 weeks

Weight still about the same, I go up a lb and down a lb. I go for my last p-17 shot on Thursday and after that she is free to come! To say I am grouchy is a minor understatement. So ready for this baby girl to get here, but really want to avoid the NICU so I hope she hangs in for 2 more weeks.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

34 weeks ALMOST THERE!

For a long time 34 weeks has been a mental goal for me, if we could just get there, I was convince we could get to 36 possibly 37 weeks.

Here we are 34 weeks!

She scared me again last week, by failing an NST. Thankfully she aced her biophysical profile and follow up NST. She seems to be growing right on tract still and my drinking horrifying amounts of water has worked because my fluid went from 8, to 12, back to 15 again!

I lost back three of the pounds I gained last week, the doctors are really happy with the fact that I have maintained a level of loss and not gained. I have to admit it's pretty cool to still have my wedding rings on and be able to see the bones in my feet at almost 9 months!

Arabella is head down and working her way lower by the day, my slight waddle has turned into a full blown waddle/shuffle. I SHOULD be off of modified bed rest and pelvic rest next weekend! It's been a long 3 months, TOTALLY worth it, but it will be nice to ehem...resume normal activities.

Her movements are so different now, there are still pokes, kicks, and hiccups, but added in now are feet sticking out, and shift that make my whole body shake! I love every minute of it! Though I can't wait to get her safely into the world and in my arms, I am trying to savor this time, knowing this is MOST DEFINITELY THE LAST TIME I WILL EVER BE PREGNANT.

The boys are getting more excited, they love feeling her move. Noah asks constantly, "What is Arabella doing now?", he also makes sure I feed her plenty so she can grow.

We are about to put her car seat in the van so we aren't caught off guard if she does come early (learned from experience, trying to help hubby lock in a seat 2 days after a csection is PAINFUL and since I am the one who took the installation classes, I have to help!). It's a little mind blowing that if she comes when Jordan did, she would be here is SIX DAYS! Isaiah was only a week after that.

Deep breaths.