Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just call me Mrs. Fix-it

I have always been pretty handy. My dad is a carpenter extraordinaire; he can fix, build, or design anything! And growing up he wasnt one to just fix things for us, we had to learn how to do it too. Can I tell you how fun it is to spackle at 13? Or my absolute favorite :shuddering: popcorn-ing ceilings (if you dont know this involves shooting gooey paint with "popcorn" in it at the ceiling, while you are under it).

While those lessons were not exactly fun, I always loved time with my dad.
Flash forward 15+ years... I have three little boys who like to put things in our toilet. I have kept us from eviction or bankruptcy from plumming bills, by mastering toilet removal/installation! I can take it out of the ground, remove the wax seal, unclog, replace wax seal, and stick it back in the ground in a matter of minutes.

Well that leds me today. After the whole hot water explosion last week, I really didnt want to bug our landlord with a leaking tub faucet. Today it went from leaking to POURING out! I google leaking tub faucet, called daddy for the needed tools and some tips and I FIXED it!!!!

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