Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hot Water Explosion!

So I walked out in my garage to do some laundry and stepped into ankle deep warm water! Not good esp. since there are clothes all over the floor by the washer (you tell boys to put clothes in the washer this is were they end up!)
So I open the door (light bulb is blown in the garage ugh) and see that my hot water heater is leaking form several places! I pull my washer out and find a really nasty mess of wet dryer lint and MOLD! I am guess the damn thing has had a slow leak for a while. The base board or the wall is moldy as heck. I cleaned up the mess, pulled off the base board and made the call to get it repaired. DH came home and helped me bleach the concrete walls that were already a little spotty from the summer floods. Here is the kicker we had to turn the water off to the house so it would stop pouring out. Today between 2-3 the plumber will be out here to give us a new water heater! I am so happy since we lived here the thing hardly worked.

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The Hunter's Wife said...

Hope you get the leak fixed.

Thanks for joining my contest. And what a sweet sweet comment!