Sunday, September 28, 2008

CVS shopping

This was a pretty slow week and I was in a hurry so I didnt do that great.
I did pick up:

Cover Girl foundation $5.49 get $5.49 ECBs (it actually printed $5.79 ECBs)
used the cover girl bogo q from this weeks P&G insert
got free powder.

2 Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap sale $.99
used 2 $1/1q = free!!!!

1 fusion razor sale $9.99 get $5 ECBs
used $4/1 q from this weeks P&G insert.

after qs and last weeks ECBS spent nothing oop!
Earned $10.79 ECBs (I did this twice once with my card and the other with dh card)

Big family fun at Epcot

Half of our extended family went to Epcot together today! We had so much fun. My dad (pop pop to the boys), my brother C.J, sisters (Mandy and Alex), and of course our crew. The boys loved showing everyone around Epcot!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Publix Steals

This was by far my most successful Publix trip to date! I am really beginning to run out of room for all this food. I cant believe a few months ago I could not make $80 of groceries last a whole week! This week I spent a whopping $32oop, before sales and coupons my total was $199.xx. Just flipping amazing!
I was very stoked about this sale, I wasnt feeling well and looked forward to all the cheap or free frozen food.
Some of the highlights:

8 bags of Viola frozen skillet dinners bogo $4.99 used 8 $1.25/1 blinkie qs (right on the door of the freezer)

8 boxes Pillsbury toaster str. bogo $2.29 used 4 $1/2 (from a booklet that was in Publix a few weeks ago)

10 boxes of Hamburger Helper bogo $1.99 used 10 $1/1 peelies making them FREE

6 boxes of High fiber Quaker Oatmeal Bogo $3.79 used 6 $1/1 qs

6 boxes of instant Quaker Instant grits bogo $2.49 used 3 $1/2 qs

4 bags of Goodlife catfood bogo $4.49 used 4 $2/1 qs only $1 for 4 bags!!!

4 pack Dole fruit cups on bogo $2.39 (i think) used 2 $.75/2 qs

4 Green Giant frozen veggies on bogo used Target ip $1/1
(there were more qs avail for this but I couldnt find them)

I got some of the bogo Soup and a few other things but these were the best deals!
Have I mentioned I LOVE COUPONS???

Moving on...again

I was feeling really down and bitter yesterday and then I read a blog about someone who lost her 4.5yo son. My heart just shattered. The pain in her words was gut-wrenching. And I realized I need to buck up!
I am sooo sad about losing these babies but I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams with three adorable not-so-little-anymore boys. I am holding on to those blessings extra tight today.
To break me out of my funk even further, I took all three boys to Chucke Cheese and let them have the works Pizza, Soda (very rare treat) and TONS of tokens. It was flipping packed to the gills in there but everyone had a blast!
As I type this Jordan is chasing Isaiah with a toy bat and Isaiah is countering with Pokemon/kungfu panda attacks, it will be only matter of time before I have to rescue someone.
I am still sad I can't seem to stay pregnant but my arms are FAR from empty.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Not this time...

NO baby in May for us. After discovering that my levels were falling yesterday, I am losing the baby this morning. This is my 4th loss in under 2 years. I am finding it very hard to keep the faith today and could use some prayer.I am just so sad. Thank you to all those who celebrated with me.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Noahs Birthday Party!

It was a super busy weekend around here! We celebrated Noah's Birthday a week early, having a party at Birthday World with the family of his best buddy. Birthday World is kinda a mix between Chucke Cheese and the Fair all indoors. You would think an autistic child wouldnt like it there, but Noah LOVES it! We let Noah pick all his own decorations (a big deal for a control freak mommy lol) So it was quite the combo! We were there for more than 3 hours! An awesome time was had by all!
*Note the totally awesome tye dye shirts I made!


We went to my sisters soccer game on Saterday in the POURING rain! After the rain stopped the boys had the time of their lives playing on the dirt path behind the fields!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

And the winner is....

Sharon(cmann@gmail)!! Thank you all so much for visiting my blog and entering my contest! Keep visiting for more contest and money saving ideas!

Friday, September 19, 2008

where did the time go?

A 9 week old Isaiah (can you believe he was 5lb 4oz when he was born??

In someways it seems like just yesterday that my third was a tiny baby. One other days it seems like he has been a big boy for years. It took us years to concieve our first, Noah. When I had him it was the world shifted in this insanely HUGE way. I felt like my heart literally exploded with love. He was the most peaceful, serene baby and brought nothing but joy to us. So much so we keep adding more kiddos.
Though Jordan's birth and infant days were WAY more difficult (colicky premie with food allergies), he was still just the most amazing baby. I was scared that whole pregnancy.. How could I possibly love this baby as much as Noah?? Those fears were easily put to rest the first time I held him.
When I was carrying Isaiah I had none of those worries, I knew the limitless bounds of love a mother can feel for her children. His birth was a dream and the days following even better! One of my biggest mommy memories was nursing Isaiah for the first time, he was the first child I successfully did. It was a connection the exceeded any dream I had.
Flash forward three years and three more pregnancies lost, I am pregnant again! We are hopeful this little one makes it strong and healthy into our arms. He/she will have 4,6,8yo brothers! Last time we brought a baby home we had three in diapers~
this time it will be only one! I guess I have a lot of things to re-learn!

This post is dedicated to Kristen and Rebecca who are both about ready to birth some babies. Click on over and join in the shower fun from the button below

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My First Giveaway!

I am a newbie to blogging, but have become quickly addicted.To celebrate our good news this week.I decided to share my happiness and attempt my first giveaway!

I am offering a $5 gift card to either Target,CVS,or Walmart! It will be winners choice. Just check out my blog and leave a comment under this post(: Winner willl be chosen at random on Sunday September 21st. I will announce it that day! I just cant stand waiting, lol! As I am new to this please leave a way I can contact the winner. Thanks

Monday, September 15, 2008

CVS deals

I thought this was a slow week but made out fairly well, free stuff is always good!
Picked up:
2 bottles of Purex Laundry Soap $2.99ea w/ $1 ECB ea and $1/2q
1 bottle of Tylenol RR $4.49 w/ $2 ECB and $2/1 q
1 Aleve D $3.99 w/ $3 ECB and $1/1 ip
2 Revlon Nail Polish on bogo used 2 $2/1q
1 3 pack Paper Towels $1.99 used $1/1 CVS printout
$2/10 CVS q
$1.48 oop after 9.99 ECBs
made 7 ECBs
I did it twice with my and Dh card so I am stocked on laundry soap and cold/pain meds for a while.
I didnt do the Excedrin deal because the were out!

So ummmmm yeah....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Have I mentioned, he's cute???

My sweet little guy Isaiah, always ready to have his picture taken, is a tiny bit of a ham! He is a bit of a pistol and smarter than I can believe sometimes. He is 3 and working on spelling! He loves being the little brother..wonder how he will feel about being a BIG brother???

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sleepy time

This week we made a major purchase, a king bed! We have been sleeping on an old queen mattress on its last legs. I also went a little bananas in Linens and Things (they are going out of business pretty good sales!). It is amazingly comfy! But poor Dh has been working so much, around 80 hours a week, he cant even make it to the bed!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What to do???

If you have read my blog before you know my oldest son Noah, is autistic. We are having major issues at school and I am getting very frustrated. No, he is not disruptive or a trouble maker when he is there(like he is at home lol). I adore his teacher on a personal level, so this isnt a slight on her, but Noah is learning NOTHING! Today he seems to have sat in a chair for the ENTIRE day doing nothing at all because he refused to work. They did feed him, of course, but he was not allowed to eat with his classmates. He KNOWS he should work but has little or no concern for the consequences if he doesnt. He is below a preschool level and will be 8 in two weeks. I have tried rewards for good days, punishments for bad (no tv, toys, going places ect.) I have tried begging and yelling but it doesnt matter, he truly doesnt...ugh I dont want to say he doesnt care... its more that he doesnt understand why it matters if he can write the letter B. I have been brain-storming with my friend Erin on NEW ways to get him to WANT to learn, so when I go to his IEP meeting I bring something to the table. Anyone have ideas???

Sunday, September 7, 2008


So last Sunday I posted an adorable pic of Jordan, this week its Noahs turn! I flat ironed his hair and he thought it was hilarious! This pic just makes me smile!

CVS looting

CVS was chuck full of good deals this week! I managed to increase my ECBs and pick up a full full cart of stuff.
Transation #1
1 RightGuard deodorant $2.99 use a $1/1q and got 2 ECBs back= free
1 Aussie Shampoo & 1 Conditioner $2.49 ea used $2/2q and got 2 ECBs back
1 Loreal Cleanser $5.99 used $1/1q got 5.99 EBCs= $1 money maker!
2 CVS brand chocolate covered peanuts .99 ea used $2/2q (printed from machine in store)
4 CVS cashews .79 ea used 2 $2/2q
2 bags of chex mix used 1 $1/1 and 1 .50/1qs
used 5 ECbs and one 2/10 CVS spent $3.87 oop and recieved a total of 9 ECBs

Transaction #2 (dh card)
same as above + 2 more Chex mixes used $1/1 and .50/1qs
used $5 ECBs spent $4.37 oop and recieved 9 ECBs!

Overall a great haul! Can't wait to go next week!

Target, Publix and Albertsons, oh my!

I have been sooo busy this week! Sick kids, homework for mommy, and trying to make my house look like HUMANS live in it; rather than monkeys.
I was insane enough to take all three boys grocery shopping, to three different stores!!! I missed a few deals while child wrangling but did pretty darn good! Highlights include, prices are after coupons:
First stop Super Target. I wanted to do the poptart/keebler deal. Spent $5 oop and got the $5 gift card, which I used for transaction 2. Got easy mac bowls for .20 ea, .20 box of pasta,and a toilet seat cover spent $1 oop!
Next at Publix I grabbed 10 FREE boxes of hamburger helper, .10 frozen veggie steamers, .80 taco kits, and .75 buddies foaming hand soap, I spent 18.xx (most of it because I was sucked into the food display and bought the makings for italian sausage subs. They were sooo good!) and saved 45+!
And finally we went to Albertsons where I spurged a bit (I think sheer exhastion helped lol).69 cherrios, 3 lbs of boneless chicken tenders $4.45 were the best deals there. After picking up 2 packs of steaks, 2 ice creams, and other NON coupon yummys I spent $37 and saved $48.
For the week I was right on budget! A now have enough Hamburger Helper to feed a small island. I am so nuts that I didnt have time to do the break downs with coupons, but wanted to explain the free HH! It is on bogo for $1.95 and there are $1/1 peelies on the boxes and you can use one for every one you buy, so actually they paid me .25 to take them!! How awesome is that??

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Free Chex Mix

Starting Sunday CVS will have bags of chex mix for $1 here is a coupon for $1/1. Free Chex Mix here is the link it let me print 2!