Saturday, October 18, 2008

$44 at Publix

I really splurged this week and still only spent $44. Its crazy to think that a splurge week a few months ago would have meant spending well over $100! You may have noticed I dont buy a lot of meat, I tend to buy alot at a time and fill the deep freezer when I get a great deal. I still have a pretty full freezer, so I have only been adding a little at a time.
My extras this week included the stuff I needed to make Jambalaya and caramel apples!
I picked up:
2 packs of Smithsfield Smoked sausage sale 2/$5 used 2 $.75/1q
.5lb ham chunks
1 green pepper
1 bag Mac. Apple sale $3.99 (yikes!)
2 bags Kraft Caramels on bogo $2.39
4 Quaker Oatmeal to Go on bogo $3.19 used 4 .55/1 qs
4 Shreaded wheat on bogo $3.99 used 4 $1/1 ip(found on HCW) I am bummed I forgot to bring the FLIPs for $1 for these too! would have made them free/
8 Better Crocker Fruit snacks on bogo $2.73 used 2 $1/3q, 1 $.75/2q, and 8 Target ip $.50/1
6 Cambells Select soups on bogo $2.39 used 1 $.72/2, 1 $1/1 peelie,1 $.50/2,and 3 FLIPs for $1/2
2 Celestial Seasonings Tea on bogo $3.49 used 2 $1/1qs
2 McCormick Chili Mix on bogo $1.39 used 1 $1/1q
2 Lenders bagels on bogo $2.09
Grapes used $1/1lb Target ip
My not so great deals:
Smuckers Uncrustables used $.55/1
juice boxes
Used a $5/50 too
Total oop $44.06 Saved $75.04
****cheat sheet****
ip internet printable
q coupon
FLIP Foof Lion internet printable
Happy Shopping! Let me know how you did!
I cant wait to clean up at CVS tommorow!

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Barbara said...

Wow, I WISH we could save some money on groceries over here!! I know we haven't talked in a while, we have been running around a lot here. I will try to call you later. Miss you guys!!!!