Friday, October 31, 2008

Mashed Potato, Mashed Potato

If you are a couponer, you already know Publix had Steam and Mash on bogo this week. I was literally kicking myself for trashing my Toss for Cash books last week, I thought I wouldnt need any of the coupons...::sniff sniff:: Pulling myself together again. I ventured out last night after the kiddos were in bed at home with daddy.
8 bags Steam and Mash Potato on sale bogo $3.99
used 6 $1/1qs and 1 buy 2 get one free and 1 buy 3 get 1 free
4 bags Green Giant veggies on sale 50% off
used 4 $1/1qs
2 Totinos Pizza rolls bogo $4.19
used 2 .35/1qs
8 Uncles Bens Rice bogo $1.59
used 4 $1/1 ip
2 Good Bites dog treats
used 2 free product qs I dont have dogs but these were a free filler to get to $50
2 Nestle Cocoa mixes bogo $1.99
2 Publix Chocolate milk bogo $2.69 (the low fat one and soo yummy)
1 Nabisco Snacks Multipack $5.99
used a Albertsons q to reduce price to $2.69
Used a $5/50 Albertson q
Total OOP $12.21 Saved more than $70!!! (i cant find the reciept for exact amount)

I also went to Albertsons for a few items
the best deals:
whole chickens .79lb
Country style ribs $1.29lb
buy a Sara Lee bread for $1.99 get a 1/2 gal milk for .39!
I also got a bunch a fresh veggies and fruit
total OOP $25.99
saved only $24
But I was under my $40 goal for the week!
Let me know how you did!

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