Sunday, May 30, 2010


Friday, my baby graduated from preschool. Before I had kids, I thought preschool graduations were ridiculous, but now I totally see the significance. Preschool is the end of babyhood, leaving preschool to move on to elementary school is a huge step. There was a whole other element for me on this day as well, graduation means we will be distanced from a group of friends we have been so close to for three years.

My middle son, Jordan, also went to this preschool in 2007-8. I fell in love with the staff, the location, and the awesome families that attended there.

Every morning, we sat on the fabulous playground and greeted other families as they arrived for school. Almost every afternoon, the mommies had a chance to sit and talk while the kids ran wild on the playground. After three years, many of us became so close.

I can't imagine, next year, just dropping all three kids off on the school ramp and pulling away. Not knowing all his friends, their families, and the teacher so well, will be a huge adjustment.

Isaiah, is more than ready for this jump. He is smart, friendly, and confident. I KNOW he will thrive in kindergarten. As much as I hate to admit it, I am the one not ready. Not ready to have him (or any of my boys) grow up even more.


Woo222 said...

Awwww congrats to him, it's a great milestone, but it kinda bums me out a lil bit. I wish we could just pause time for a little weensy bit.

It's so neat you found a preschool you like so much!! I hope you can keep in touch with your friends! Love you, S

Sarah R said...

I feel that way a lot. With having mostly teenagers, I see the end of active parenting coming to an end. I've mostly done the hard work, and now watching the results.
It doesn't get any easier, friend.

Mandy Barrett said...

My baby!!!! He is getting so big. :(