Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Momma Needs a Break

Noah "broke" his nose this weekend. He face planted into the train table after trying to flip off the couch. At first I thought it was just a scrape, then I noticed it bruised at bedtime. The next morning it was HUGE. It was a holiday, so we went to an after hours pediatric clinic. The doctor said there were more than likely fractures, but there was nothing they could do. We just kept ice on it and the swelling went down. One of the weirdest aspects of his autism, is his pain tolerance. The kid feels very little pain. When he fell, he just stood up, grabbed his nose and said ouch. He never complained about it hurting at all. I know I would have needed some serious pain meds considering how bad it looked.

Then yesterday, the oldest two went off to school and I took Isaiah to a swimming play date. He had a blast swimming for almost 3 hours straight. He also inhale two hot dogs, some cookies, chips, and juice boxes.

Can you guess where this is going?

On the way home, he started to scream and cry his tummy hurt. Isaiah is NOT a complainer, so I got worried. Then without so much as a gag, he went exorcist on me all over our van. We raced home, right as it started trying to escape the other end. He had a bath and fell asleep. I felt bad, but I had to wake him so we could pick up the other two. I grabbed a plastic bag on the way out the door, thank God I did, because he threw up again. Nothing like trying to catch puke while DRIVING in a car line.

I started to get worried. He looked horrible. Cold, clammy, shaking, very sleepy, getting sick on both ends frequently, and limp. I took to twitter to ask if maybe swallowing pool water could do this and someone suggested what I was already fearing, dry drowning...

So I PANICKED and called the doctor. We drove straight there. He got very sick in the office again. The doctor said his lungs were clear and he probably just drank too much pool water and in combination with hot dogs and heat made him very sick.
He was much better by bed time, he is still a little off today, but holding food down.

The van has been shampooed, In case you were wondering, hot dog barf is the the WORST smell EVER.

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