Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trying to Conceive

I try not to flood this blog with the heavy stories of our trying to conceive over the last two years, but as the second anniversary of Kai's loss, next month approaches I may dump some of my feelings into the blog-o-sphere. I am all too aware that I am not the only woman to go through these trials, not by a long shot. In fact, so many go through even worse.

If someone told me, even in the days after we lost him, that I would still be grieving so deeply 2 years later, I wouldn't have believed you.

It is easier, don't get me wrong, but there will always be someone missing from our family. This pain is compounded by the 3 losses that followed. I don't know if will ever be blessed with another baby, but I am learning to be okay with whatever God has planned for us.

Tomorrow one of my dearest friends will face the one year anniversary of the loss of her little girl, M you are in my thoughts and prayers. ((((hugs))))


Sarah R said...

You know I'm always praying for you, Jenni. I don't think the pain of losing a baby ever goes away. Grieving is ok. Don't let anyone tell you that you need to be done. Grieve often, shed the tears, and keep going. That what we women do.



Besides, if you can wait a few more months, we can be pregnant together, maybe???

mom2nji said...

Girl I am praying for both of us!
I can test in a few days for this month.. hehe.

Lee W. said...

That is sad and i'll pray for u. Losing anyone you deeply love is hard, child or otherwise.

Sarah R said...

Did you test yet, honey? It's been a few days now!

mom2nji said...

Yeah yesterday, it was NEG.
But I am not due til the 1st, so I am still hoping.