Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dont CVS Sick

Ugh. I should have known better to shop with snot in place of where my brain should be. I spent $30 at CVS today and only earned 8.99 in ECBs. I should have known my trip was in trouble, when I questioned the manager about the Fusion Gamer Razor (which they didn't have) I said, "The one with the ECB's" and he actually ASKED me what an ECB was?????? Oh no.
For that huge total I did get stuff I needed to get anyway.

1 Tide Free and Clear sale $6.49
used .35/1 *sob* terrible q
1 Downy sale $5.49
used .35/1 q
2 Dawn dish soap sale .99
used 2 .50/1
2 Pantene products
used $2/2 q
Earned $15 off of Madagascar 2
Madagascar 2 sale after Discount $4.99
**there was a $5/1 q in the paper a week ago today, but I forgot to get it. This coupon would make it free!**
2 pack Edge gel. sale $5.39
Earned 2 ECBs
Garnier Hair color sale $5.99
used $2/1 q
Earned 2 ecbs
6 Hour Energy Shot sale $4.99
Earned $4.99 ECBs
Garbage bags $4.99
Also used 10 ecb
and a $10/50q
total oop $30
I think I may cry now.
CVS needs to bring back the good deals!


Lee W. said...

Wow a manager asked what an ECB is? I think I would have been speechless. I've been checking on your blog since Oct and have made a few comments in the past. Now i have my own blog and Today my husband got a job. (i've made a post awhile back how we moved to orlando and couldn't find work). And i'm just so happy I had to tell someone!

mom2nji said...

OMG! I am so glad he got a job! He is to better times!
I was speechless! Thanks for reading my blog.