Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We Think We Have Tough... Buy Some Pampers

Times are tight here in the US there is no doubt about it. Its scary stuff, people are losing homes. One in ten families in Florida is on food stamps.
Every news cast is filled with the doom and gloom of our economy.
I have more than once FREAKED about what our financial future holds. And I am sad to admit had more than one pity party over the fact that we do not OWN a home.
And after watching this video on lilsugar, I want to smack myself.

Can you imagine watching your child die, because you were not given a 7 cent shot?
Or being so starved yourself that you couldn't produce milk to feed your hungry baby?

I don't want a debate about whether or not Salma should have nursed the baby in the video, I find it admirable, but understand others concerns.

I did want to mention, in the video they talk about the campaign Pampers is having. For every pack of diapers we buy, they donate those much needed Tetanus vaccines. It is a win win to me.


Sarah R said...

You making yourself cry again, Jen? That being said, it was beautiful. I wonder if I'd do it. I think I'm capable...I hope.

mom2nji said...

Blame Fidget, she sent me the video.
I was blown away by Salma not even thinking twice!

Sarah R said...

I just read the "peno" post. Hahahaha, gotta love little boys. Yet girls do it too. When Missy was 18 months old, we were starting to potty train her. We were at church, and she proudly told one of the elders "I not wear a diaper, I wear big girl panties." So the elder said, "You are such a big girl!" then she piped in "I poop a lot on the potty, just like my daddy!" While poor Mr. R was standing right there. Worst part? It was Mr. R's birthday, too.

Barb said...

wow, I think what Salma did was amazing and wonderful and yes, admirable. I cried watching it though. It is sad.