Friday, February 6, 2009

Maybe I Shouldn't Have a Stove

After a very long wait, I finally have a brand spanking new stove. I couldn't wait to break in the stove and my new Kitchen Aid mixer, so I decided to attempt to bake cookies. Notice I said ATTEMPT??
First let me say I love the mixer (Thanks Mandy).
But I couldn't help wonder, as I scraped garlicky dough off the walls, if God was trying to tell me something with the lack of a stove for almost 2 months. Maybe I shouldnt bake?
Are you wondering why cookie dough would have garlic in it?? My spice cabinet is right over the mixer and as I put the vanilla away, the Adobo fell out and into the mixer! The top flew off and the dough was instantly full of Adobo. The dough splattered all over the walls before I could turn it off.
I cleaned up the mess and started all over.
Long story short the cookies were divine!
And worth the mess, even though I am still finding dough in the weirdest places!

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