Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year! 2010

Last year I said I was happy to see the year go, I can't say as I am sad for this one to be ending either. While my family survived and even thrived at times, there was so much sadness for so many others.

I hope that 2010 brings health and happiness to us all, an end to the heartbreak and sadness for many of my friends and family, a better economy, and the safe return of all of our soldiers.

Ah, one of the awesome(not)things about blogging your resolutions it they are still here, in black and white, not on some long ago trashed piece of paper.

So here they are, last years resolutions:

#1 Be a better wife, mother, and friend
I think I have been successful at at least the first two, I am happier, more gentle, and less angry in general. You will have to ask my friends for the last one.

#2 Have a healthy baby!
Actually for a while there I was afraid I couldn't even conceive anymore, but I was able to in September sadly it was another loss.,

in order to to this I have to commit to a few more:
A. Lose 10% of my weight
I need to lose much more, but this is a start
I actually gained 5 pounds. The great knee disaster really hampered my ability to, you know MOVE, for SEVEN damn months. The first month I was bed bound,the next three on crutches, and only in the last two months can I walk without a brace. It's still painful as hell though.
B. Take vitamins and eat well balanced meals
actually doing good on this (most of the time)

#3 Save even more money with coupons
Excluding the last month, I was totally successful with this!

#4 Continue to get A's in college

#5 Blog at least 4 days a week
Did ok with this not 4 days, but I did post a fair amount

My goals for 2010 are pretty much the same. Except I am adding one more:

I am going to work hard on remembering everyday that I am blessed.


Woo222 said...

I've got one more...be gentle and patient with yourself..you wouldn't be as hard on anyone else as you are on yourself. You're an awesome person and a great friend and I'm glad to know you. ~Susan

ParkerMama said...

I'm here from 5 Minutes for Mom! I agree with Woo222....remember to go easy on yourself. You've gotta take care of you before you can take care of those gorgeous guys of yours!

Tammy and Parker
@ParkerMama on Twitter

Barb said...

I agree, don't be so hard on yourself :-)
You are a great friend and YES being Grateful and finding the good side in everything will turn things around even more
I love you

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

I hope your 2010 will be full of blessings and you'll reach all your goals.

all the best!

Amber @ Classic Housewife said...

...I'm here from 5m4m...

Your last goal is my favorite. =) God bless!

Shannon Jacobyansky said...

I like the last one...Be Thankful...we tend to forget how much the good Lord has blessed us! Thanks for this reminder!