Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lessons Learned From Christmas 2009

This Christmas was wonderful, but overwhelming.

It started on Christmas Eve, I cooked an huge meal. My brother, father and two of my sisters (Amanda and Alex)came over and we chowed and let Alex open her gifts. As we were all sitting in my living room chatting and groaning over our full bellies, the front door swung open. We all sat there confused and looking at each other, as a total stranger attempted to walk in my house. Finally Amanda spoke up and said, I think you have the wrong house! The woman, who was clearly drunk as a skunk, just nodded, like "oh yeahhh I think you are right" and turned to leave. We quickly locked the door and resumed our evening.

My brother and sister (Amanda)spent the night, so they could see the boys open gifts bright and early. Little did they know HOW early that would be.

There were WAY too many presents, a huge percent of them care of my super generous sister. There were about 130 gifts all together. So when Jordan woke up at 2am to go potty and saw this:

He screamed, "Santa CAMMMEEEEE" until all his brothers were wide awake. And they never went back to sleep. Neil and I admitted defeat at 5am and let them open gifts. That is when the carnage ensued.

We have enough garbage from boxes, packaging, and paper to cover several city blocks.

Later in the day my dad came back, then my mom and step dad, then another sister(Jennifer) and Micheal her very soon to be hubby.

At the end of the day, we all collapsed!

The lessons learned:
Lock the damn front door.
Limit the number of gifts.
Buy the huge hefty lawn bags to clean up the aftermath!
I have a huge damn family!


Woo222 said...

Drunk people are scary. HOLY COW, that's a lot of presents. It is really neat that your extended fam could come! Are you tired now? BTW, I like your new masthead. ~Susan

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I cannot believe all of those presents! Wow. I know your boys were happy!