Friday, August 7, 2009

Things That Annoy Me This Week

Pretty much every-freaking-thing, since my monthly friend has not shown up for more than two months, and I am NOT pregnant.Can you say PMS x 10000000? Since I hurt my knee going on 4 months ago, my whole body has gone wonky. Funtimes, I assure you.

Well on to the list:

1. Credit Card companies: Do I have to say more for that one?

2. People w/ Tivo or DVR: Seriously. I bet it is awesome to record your shows when you are out. However, after a show is on and you have not yet seen it, do you really expect the world at large NOT to talk about the show at all? I am sorry it was RUNINED for you, but it WAS on last night. I talking to you people ranting about how NO ONE should say who was evicted on Big Brother or who won SYTYCD. (I made a point not to say names when twittering about the show to be considerate to people who were watching it in delay, but today all bets are off) ****note: This is NOT directed to people who have Tivo or DVR and accept that this means you will hear people talk about the program or people who went to bed early (love ya @averygoodyear).

3. Judgmental fake friends

4. People who post things on the internet without any regard for how those things will effect someone in REAL life. (directly connected to #4): Talking sh#t about someones parenting on a message board, hurts feelings and COULD create a disaster in their REAL life. Think before you type.

5. People who post drunken party pics on the internet: People who are PROFESSIONALS in their 30's, upset no one takes them seriously, when there are pics of you barfing on themselves at a party on a facebook page. Paging adulthood..

6. The fact Bejeweled was down on FB most of this week: this is a minor thing, but that game is a stress reliever for me.

Ahhh there I feel a bit better.

Really, all in all my life is pretty freaking awesome, since these are the only things I have to complain about.


Cjengo said...

I love bejeweled! I must find this on facebook..ha! Hope you feel better :)

Sarah R said...

1) So agreed. See my post.
2) Are people really that addicted to TV that they feel they have to do this? I could hardly care.
3-5) Praying I am not the person who pissed you off.


mom2nji said...

Silly lady Sarah, no one did anything to ME. It happened to a friend of mine.

TinyWiggles said...

This was a funny read but I agree.
Michelle at