Saturday, August 1, 2009

CVS Deals for This Week

Once again there are some great freebie school supply deals. While most of them have not been items on the kids school lists, they have been great for mommy's back to college list!
This is a 3 day sale after Tuesday there will be no ECB issued. Limits are 2 unless otherwise noted.

Caliber 10 Pk Pencils 99¢ Earn .99 ECB
Caliber Academic Book Covers $1.99 Earn 1.99 ECB
Poly Portfolio 49¢ earn .49 ECB
Caliber 20 ct Pens 99¢ earn .99 ECB
Caliber Academic Scissors $2.99 earn 2.99 ECB
Caliber Academic Compass/Protractor $1.99 earn 1.99 ECB
Caliber Academic Flexi Ruler 99¢ earn .99 ECB
Caliber Note/Glue stick/Pen Eraser 99¢ earn .99 ECB
1 Softsoap Nutri Serums 15oz 4.99 earn 4 ECB Limit 1

Also there is a $5 ECB when you buy $10 worth of a list of items: Limit 1
Stayfree $5 is on the list
you can use Stayfree Product bogo coupon and get both items free after coupon

I plan on getting all of the above, depending on store stock. Unfortunately, I have run into a lot of issues finding the items for these deals. I also received and email with a coupon for $5/30!

Be on the look out for penny sales at the office supply stores, I hear rumors they should start tomorrow!

****Ended up spending $1.60 oop today, after coupons and 19 ECB. Had to get a rain check for the soft soap, but was happy to get everything else on my list. Earned 22 ECBs to use next week.****

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