Monday, August 17, 2009

Six. More. Days

In six days the kids will be going back to school. I have mixed emotions about this. On one hand the boys are starting to get on each others' nerves and grate on mine with all the "he shoved my head in the toilet/he farted on me" whining. On the other hand, this summer we met a new Noah.

Noah is happy, talkative, relaxed and damn near a typical kid. Maybe it is because he is getting older or maybe he is just more relaxed here at home. Either way, I am scared to lose this happy Noah, when the stress of going back to school return.
The other two boys are more than ready to go back and are actually looking forward to it.

Though I worry about them too. This whole "we are all gonna die!" panic from the media about the swine flu has me concerned. They seem to think it will spread very fast once school starts. Jordan is very asthmatic and any flu could be very dangerous to him.

Perhaps I am just paranoid.

The preparations are pretty much done. Bags of supplies are sitting in my kitchen, but I still need more.

Anyone want to front me a loan so I can buy 3 cases of printer paper? It seems our county is too broke to by copier paper. I am guessing we will be paying for ink next year, might as well throw in the power bill as well. I also need 540 containers of Clorox wipes, dry erase markers/erasers, and a pallet of Kleenex. What the hell ever happened to crayons, paper, pencils...DONE. Speaking of pencils my first grader needs two jumbo packs (close to freaking 50!) PRE-SHARPENED pencils. I am going to sit and sharper for hours one night this week.

On the supplies I already have I picked up for pennies by shopping sales. I also got their shoes and clothes all for about 90% off and they are all brand name.

Did I also mention Noah and Jordan's first day back to school, is my first day back too!?

I don't wanna go back to school mom! Wait... I am the mom. DAMN.


fidget said...

i dont bother sharpening the pencils,. honestly, by the time i get them into the classroom all of them are broken anyways. DUMBEST IDEA EVER. Since no real work gets done on the first day, they should have the kids sharpen pencils to keep them busy

tasha said...

Girl, I totally agree with you on the school supplies thing. I ranted about that on my blog. While it does not affect me, since we homeschool, I still think it is about the dumbest thing. The school my kids are zoned for was also requesting a ream of copy paper, as well as dry-erase markers and some other clearly-for-the-teacher supplies. Ridiculous! I literally LOL at your comment about paying for the power bill next year. Bah!!!

On the mixed feelings thing, just so you don't think you're alone, or that we homeschoolers have some super-power when it comes to patience with our children ;)....I have found that the days when we have no STRUCTURE to our day, everything goes haywire. I spend too much time on the computer (blush), the kids spend all day playing...which inevitably leads to fighting, because they are just plain BORED really. Last week, dh was on vacation (and, thus, so were we), and wooo-boy! I think by the end of his vacation, the kids and I both could not wait to get back to our homeschooling schedule. They are SOOO different when there is no particular routine versus every hour of the morning is structured.

I'll pray that you will make the right decisions for your family. :)