Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunset on the Holiday Season

As I have mentioned, I love the holiday season. We had a wonderful Christmas, loaded with family and wayyy too many gifts. As much as I love it, the minute we rang in the New Year, I was ready to pack up the decorations and reclaim our living room!

We ain't exactly fancy round these parts, almost all of our decorations are plastic. Plastic makes for easy clean up, can you say garbage bags? Yep, we throw everything in big black garbage bags and chuck it in the closet. We did have a little problem with the 9 foot inflatable carousel, may have thrown the box away. It is in a pile in the garage awaiting a giant container.
We had another issue, my boys were given enough toys to fill a toy store x 3 and already had too much. Each boy got a large tubberware box with their name on it to store their new toys and favorite old ones, the rest went??? You guessed it, big black garbage bags im another closet.
Like I said, we ain't fancy, lol.
It was an amazing Chirstmas, but I think I will need the next 344 days to recover.

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