Monday, January 26, 2009

CVS...slow week

I am getting really behind with coupon clipping! Two weeks into the semester and I am drowning in a sea of homework, ugh.
Dh was happy CVS had his shampoo on sale!
I got:
5 Gillette Shampoos sale $4.99 each
used 2 $2/2 qs
earned 3 ecbs on each
1 One touch monitor $19.99
used $20/1 q
2 Revlon Mineral Eye Shadow Trios sale $8.99 bogo
used 2 $1/1qs and $2/1 CVSq
Used $10/50q and 16 ecbs
Earned 15 ecbs
Total oop .33!

I had to get yet another One touch monitor to fill up to $50 because my CVS was out of Johnson's buddies soaps and I didn't read the fine print on the Fusion gamer razors. The sale started on Sunday but they wont have the razors in store until the 30th.. Bummer.
Does anyone need a monitor?? Really! I have a ton of them!


lori said...

I was thinking about getting the monitor but at my cvs they're 29.00 not 19.00 and I don't see anywhere on the ad I have that I could get ecb's for it. I have my 20.00 coupon but that's the reason I decided to wait on the monitor. I was hoping they would have ecb's on it!

Sarah R said...

Like a computer monitor?
You might need to forgive me, as I've had no coffee yet, and I was up all night sick as a dog. And I got a fax at 2am!!! Who the heck faxes at 2am???

mom2nji said...

A glucose monitor... I have like 10. They are normally $19.99 at my CVS and I have $20/1qs making them free and they make great filler to get to $50 to use the $10/50qs

fidget said...

HA! CVS by me gave The Hubster a rain check! They were expecting boxes yesterday and when they didnt arrive, I guess they felt pressured to give out rain checks. Now we have to see if they will HONOR them

Sarah R said...

A glucose monitor for diabetes???
And you have ten of them??? lol lol lol

Stephanie said...

If you still have an extra Chris has diabetes and could use one. Greatly appreciated!

Love you!