Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dealt Another Blow

Last year dh's company was bought out by a larger one. They swore nothing would change, but I felt uneasy. Lo and behold a few weeks later dh hears whispers his department is going to be eliminated, being the smart man he is, he changes departments even though it was almost like being demoted. His old department does vanish and the entire store loses all the overtime they have always had. Flash forward a few months overtime is back and dh has moved back into a leadership roll. We are feeling ok, then last month overtime goes away again. And it got worse this wee, when they sent everyone home 6 hours early. Panic set in, but once again they insisted it was a one time thing. Here we are another week later and the entire store has lost hours. A lot of them.
I am not sure how we will get through the next month. Dh is searching for another job, but there aren't jobs to be found.
I thank God everyday I started clipping coupons and stockpiling this year. We have enough to get by for now. I know we are better off than some. Dh still has a job, we have food, my kids have clothes and shoes and we have a roof over our heads. Dh is amazing he keeps getting knocked around, but still manages to take care of all of us. And I will keep praying things get better but over all we are blessed.


lee said...

i posteda few months ago that we had recently moved to orlando and my husband hadn't found a job yet..he still has not be able to get a job. Only a couple intveriews in the last few months, one for Wendy's, and still no one has offered him a job. before we moved he worked at an Applebees, now he's applied for everything from hotels and resturants near the tourist areas, to gas stations and fast food. Zip! It cost us $4000 to move here and now we are on food stamps. I think if things don't change by april i'm going to need anti-depressants. But i hope your husband will be able to keep on his job so u won't end up like us.

Barb said...

Jenny, I am so sorry about his job situation. Times are tough for everyone. The job situation is the same here also. He use to get OT every week and he was just informed that after this week there is no more.

Sarah R said...

Jenni, you know I am praying for you and DH. Even my hubby is not doing as well as he used to. He sat in NJ for FIVE FLIPPING DAYS not getting paid until they finally found a load going to Texas. Meanwhile, it was so cold up there he had to run the truck just so he didn't freeze to death, and we ended up losing money. It is so frustrating to work that hard and not even make money!

mom2nji said...

Thanks everyone, its awful to see we are not alone in struggling right now. I hope and pray our economy get back on track soon.

Lee has your dh applied at Disney? THey are always hiring.