Monday, January 19, 2009

A Look Back...Year at Disney

Note that I tured the pics into polaroids, I am soo hooked on it.

Have I mentioned we like Disney a bit? Maybe a few (hundred) times?? Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Florida, high of 72 and perfect clear skies. We spent the day wandering around Epcot and enjoying the day. I bet some of you may wonder why we would blow a lot of money on Disney passes, when we don't have much money to start with (I am guessing those thinking this are also wondering why we keep having kids too) but let me tell you it was worth every penny!
To be honest having a child with autism is no picnic and most out of the house activities are really rough, but last year a friend got us into the park for free and WOW! Noah loved it, as did all of us, but rather than screaming like he normally did when confronted with crowds, he was happy! That sold us..
It been a whole year and we have gone around 45-50 times, can you imagine that would have cost around $16,000? lol The passes are less than 10% of that cost.
Noah still loves it and his ability to deal with crowds has continued to get better, though he does still FREAK if someone touches him.
Please consider this and open apology to anyone he has called a jacka$$ in the last year, its his word of choice and we are still working on it.
We are really hoping to renew our passes and continue to go.

****Note to tourists, if you see someone running around a building SCREAMING a name, they are probibly looking for a lost child, GET OUT of the WAY!!
This happened to us yesterday and I guess this group of tourist thought I wanted there spot in line for soda (G*d forbid) and refused to move. UGH

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fidget said...

the disney poladroids seriously just make my heart hum, reminds me of childhood