Friday, January 23, 2009

Open Note to My Garbage Guys

WHY do you hate me? We have lived here 3 years and everything in garbage land was cool. Then last year, I noticed my can wasn't quite making back to the curb, kinda (a lot) in the road. I was mildly annoyed, but hey, its your can and if it gets smashed it is not my fault. Then I backed out one day without checking and WHAM smacked my garbage can. Where was my can? It was in the MIDDLE of my damn driveway. Every Monday and Thursday my garbage can is in the middle of driveway. Now maybe I am the dumb butt, cuz I forgot to check, but yesterday I smacked the damn thing again and broke my side mirror. Dh is not happy.
So back to my original thought, why do you hate us? We don't even have diapers in there anymore! Did I break some thrash can code? I checked and no one else in our neighborhood gets cans in their driveway.
Thanks for letting me rant ya'll.


lori said...

did you really leave that note? lol Maybe you should..

mom2nji said...

No I didnt I am chicken, lol. So I threw it out in to the interweb.

going2oahu said...

I laughed at your post but then I got a little angry. After all, it was the garbage man's laziness/poor work ethic/incompetence (pick one) that triggered this post. I think you should leave a note!

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mom2nji said...

I should prob call and complain, I feel bad cuz their job isnt exactly fun. But they have it pretty good, we all the giant cans that attach to the truck and lift up. I really dont get why they do it!!