Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tales from a Frugal Test Kitchen

I have only been at this stockpiling-coupon-hoarding thing for a few months and have a pretty good stockpile going. We use to run out of food 2-3 days before I was due to shop again and this was while I was spending $80-$100 a week! We never run out of food now. Its amazing how much you can get for free with a little effort!
That's not to say everything you get is worth it; even if its free.
I will start off with the bad.
How could I not know Hamburger Helper is NASTY??!! I mean really gross! I have 20 boxes of it, right now... That's after giving away 20!
I will be donating most of it to food drives, but hey I actually made money buying them so no loss there!
Voila frozen dinners were another bomb in my house, with the exception of the Alfredo which was pretty yummy, they went over like a ton of bricks. They should have been tasty; lots of frozen but fresh ingredients and pretty tasty sauces, but something was missing. However, they did work out great for my single brother!
There are some things that are surprisingly yummy!
I was very hesitant to try the Steam and Mash Potatoes; had they not been nearly free, I would not have purchased them. But they were super cheap so I HAD to buy them lol. I popped my first bag in the microwave last night. WOW are they good! They tastes just like fresh, homemade ones! The only issue is since they are not water logged from boiling it takes more milk to smooth them out. They don't even need salt.
One bag fed my family of 5 easily and I am feeding 3 boys!
We also discovered that Strawberry Mini Wheat are super tasty.
This week we will be trying the Pillsbery Savorings for the first time, I will let you know how they come out!
Have you had and great successes or huge flops trying new things with coupons??

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