Friday, November 7, 2008

Making it on a MUCH Lower Budget and Publix Deals

This week has been a rough one on the finacial home front, well actually it started 2 weeks ago. Dh lost his second job due to downsizing. Then on Wednesday of this week his full time job cut hours from 54 to 43. All together we have lost more than a $1000 a month! This is a scary thing to face. Being the OCD budgeter (is that a word?) that I am, I have the budget done til early January and we will be ok.. by the skin of our teeth. Dh is a working machine and is looking for another part-time job. I have faith he will find one.
I am so thankful to have my newfound frugal skills! Before this we would have been in trouble!
I went to Publix this week and was able to get alot for a good price!
6 32oz College Inn broths sale bogo $2.79
used 6 $1/1 Publix qs from winter booklet
10 Pillsbury Savorings sale bogo $3.99
used 3 $1/1qs and 7 .75/1 qs
2 Mrs. T Perogies sale bogo $2.59
used 2 $1/1qs
4 Cans Hunts tomatoes sale bogo $1.39
used 2 .40/1qs and 1 Publix .55/1
2 Kraft Olive Oil salad dressings sale bogo $2.93
used 2 $1/1qs
4 bags Tollhouse Choc. Chips sale bogo $2.50
used 4 .50/1qs
2 Captain Chrunch on bogo $4.49
used 2 .50/1qs
4 cans Cambells Select soups on bogo $2.39
used 2 .50/2 qs
2 Land o Lakes on bogo 2.09
2 fresh grape tomatoes sale bogo $2.99
McCormick Black Pepper grinder sale $1.99
used $2/1q
1 beechnut baby cereal (for friend) sale $1.40
used $1/1q
2 Nestle Cookie Dough sale 3/$6
used 1 $1.50/2 q
also not on sale
2 packs of chicken quarters
brown sugar
Also used $5/50 Albertsons q
Total oop $39.85!
saved $95.44!!!
I am looking for ideas on how to stretch our dollar further outside of the grocery store! Any suggestions?


Fidget said...

I'm sorry you guys have taken such a financial hit but you are doing AWESOME with your frugality

mom2nji said...


Anonymous said...

At least he has a job. My husband and I moved to Orlando 2 months ago and he still doesn't have a job.

mom2nji said...

Yikes! I am sorry. He has had the same job for 10 years. Thank God. Good Luck!

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Just married and moved to GA and I'm learning to really LOVE Publix! :)
Was able to get some of the same great deals myself!

melcurtis said...

This blog has helped me save a ton at publix. You are already doing amazing saving. I just said a prayer for your husband to find a job.
God bless you