Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy... Fun at CVS

Anyone who knows me knows I have been so excited about this CVS sale. I got there early, around 11 pm thinking I would have to race to get all the good deals! To my suprise I was alone until 1130 ish when the other frugals started coming in. My store had tons of stock and I had no problem getting everything I wanted. I had all my qs and ecbs sorted and ready to go, I even had a list (I am a nerd what can I say?) but I did even better than I planned!!

Transaction #1
2 Hersheys Bars sale $1
used 1 bogo q
earned 1 ECB
1 Aussie Mousse sale $2.99
used $1/1q
earned 2.99 ECBS
1 Bic Soleil Razor sale $5.99
used $3/1q
earned 5.99 ECBs
1 J&J Soft lotion sale $5.69
used $1/1q
earned 5.69 ECBs
1 Loreal Lip Juice sale $6.99
used $1/1q
earned 6.99 ECBs
1 Ear phones sale $6.99
earned 6.99 in ECBs
1 Garnier Face cloths sale $5.99
used $1/1q
earned 5.99 ECBs
1 Maybelline Mineral Base sale $8.99
used $3/1q
earned 8.99 ECBs
1 G2 sale $1.49
earned 1.49 ECBs
1 Cover Girl foundation sale $7.99
used $1/1
earned 7.99 ECBs
1 Cover Girl powder sale $5.99
used $1/1 q
earned 5.99 ECBs
1 Always Infinity
used get free q
Also used $10/50 CVS q
used $39 ECBs
Paid $1.33 oop!!!
Transaction #2
1 Crock Pot sale $19.99
earned 10 ECBs
1 Playtex sale $3.99
used $1/1q
earned 3 ECBs
1 Schick Razor sale $7.99
used $4/1q
earned 6 ECBs
1 Norelco Shaver sale $28.99
1 G2 sale $1.49
earned 1.49 ECBs
2 toys sale on bogo $9.99
2 toys sale on bogo $9.99
used $10/50 CVSq
use all but 8.99 of ECBs from 1st transaction
Total OOP $3.19
Total saved all together $210!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGoodness so worth the weeks of planning! I left with 29.50 in ECBs too!


Lindsey Rae said...

Hey! Just saw your post on HCW. You did good! I just got from back from CVS some good stuff also. Really was worth the trip!

Your kids are cuties.


Fidget said...

you totally rocked it! sorry i couldn't make it

Army Mom said...

Awesome!! Teach me!!

Barbara said...

Man I wish I was there!!! Let me know how black Friday sales go

Karen said...

You did awesome!!!

Come on over and check out the winner of my $10 CVS gift card!!