Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Madness

After slaving away in the kitchen, making a very yummy Thanksgiving dinner (BTW the left overs are GONE!), I actually manage to hit the hay early at 9:45. But, it seemed like only minutes later my sister was calling my phone telling me to get my big ol' bootie out of bed. So into the night we scurried off to meet my friend at Kohls for the 4 am opening. WHY oh why do these sales have to starts sooo early?? Kohls was pretty calm, but the sale was not that great. Off to Walmart we went.. I had the begins of a panic attack before we even parked. Last year my sister and I were nearly trampled in a mob infront of a department store, I had crowd anxiety for months afterwards! Walmart was AWFUL, though not as awful as in some places as I later heard. I was going back and forth between getting the boys Leapsters or Vtech handhelds, I quickly chose the Vtechs because the crowd pushed me into the palet. I grabbed three of them and 3 Hotwheel 10 packs and then freaked when I could not find my sister anywhere. There was pushing and shoving and screaming and I heard there was a fist fight in electronics, but I got the most important things I wanted for the kiddos.
Next stop was the mall, which was amazingly peaceful! I was able to
score tons of awesome deals in the Disney Store and finished shopping for the boys. My bags were so big I had to DRAG them to the car! I went home and took a quick 1 hour nap and ventured back out with the family. We hit a few more stores and picked up a few more gifts and then went and picked up our TREE!
My favorite part of Black Friday is getting the Christmas tree!
I am just a tiny bit picky about picking a tree and it may have taken an Its so big and pretty too!
I loved the wreaths from the Disney Store, but had already splurged on a Mickey Mouse star for our tree! So I fashioned my own Mickey wreath, not exact, but hey, it works!
Did anyone one else brave the crowds??


Anonymous said...

i would have never guessed that u tweaked your wreath, at first i thought u did buy it at a disney store or something. good job!

mom2nji said...

Thanks! I just attached to 9in ones to a large one and wrapped garland around it lol!