Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shopping with a Cold

Since I a feeling a bit better today, I am assuming I dont actually have the plague (or the flu) its just a really wicked cold. I needed to get milk, and hate wasting gas to get one thing, so I decided to shop.
4 Kellogs Frosted Flakes sale $1.99
used 4 $1/1qs
10 Martha Muffin Mixes sale 5/$4
used 4 .55/2 qs and a Publix $5/10 of Smuckers (muffins incl)
2 Promise Active $3.49 ea
used $2/2q and 2 $1/1 Publix qs
4 Progresso Soup sale 4/$6
used 2 $1.10/1 ip
8 McCormick Grinders on sale $1.99 and BOGO!
Picked up 4 pepper grinders ans 4 assorted
used 4 $2/1 qs (on the pepper)
2 Juicy Juice on sale bogo $3.49
used 2 $1/1 ip
Bakers Cups .85
used .25/1 q
Non q items
1 pineapple $4.99 (isaiahs preschool)
Lenders bagels on bogo
was able to use $10/50 CVS q!!!! this is up to each store
total oop $15.18
saved $64.98
not as good as usual but pretty good!

Also went to Albertsons
I was hoping to grab the buy a ham get a free turkey deal, but could not bring myself to spend $40 on a ham!
I did get my turkey though!
20 lb turkey $16.04
Chicken breast sale $1.69 a lb
2 cans cranberry sauce
spent $25
I am pretty much on budget for the week even though I cant really put two thoughts together and beginning to be ready for Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

Sarah R said...

LOL!!! After all that, forgetting the milk!
Girl, blame it on the Dayquil and send your sweet hubby out to get it for you.
*snicker snicker* forgot the milk...hahahahaha!