Friday, January 28, 2011

Rough Week

My grandpa passed away on Wednesday. Which is sad, but I can only be so sad because he was 101! He lived a very full, long, healthy life. I am worried about my dad, he has lost so many he loved in the last year.

Then today I found out that a friend from college died. She was only 30, a single mom to a 10yo girl and a 5 yo boy, she was thin and beautiful...She died of cardiac arrest. Sometimes life just doesn't make any sense. I am reeling and heartbroken for her children, boyfriend, and family.

I am struggling with school too.

But the meds must be working some, because I am coping. Coping well enough that the doctor declared me stable. I only need to go in every three months now. I don't feel stable, but I don't feel one step from crazy either. Getting there.

In my continued attempt to bring the hot me back, I am getting my hair done on Tuesday, fingers crossed it comes out even. Getting black dye out of hair is a nightmare. When it is done I will post pics. I have also lost 12lbs since December, hope I can continue to lose.

Taking the kids to Ikea tomorrow I think since daddy got called into work, you know so I can drop them off at the playland and I can sit in a chair and read for an hourgo shopping.

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Sarah R said...

I can't wait to see your new hair!