Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Send Mom of the Year Awards Here

So yeah I just posted about minding your own damn business as a mother and now I am going to bitch about other peoples kids.

There is something I find inexcusable as a parent, fostering or allowing meanness. As you read earlier Jordan is dealing with a bully, which pisses me off. We can't seem to escape mean kids.

The other day the boys met a boy in our new neighborhood. They were so excited to have him over to play. First I was shocked, he was 8 and allowed to roam our neighborhood freely until 7pm. He just came in our house. I insisted his mom must want to know where he was! But he assured me that she didn't care. As soon as he came in it was chaos. He dumped over toy boxes and was swinging bean bag chairs around. Hub went in and informed him we don't play that way here.

Five minutes later Isaiah came out sobbing. The boy had told him that he was not going to play with him, he was just the baby brother and he wasnt going to play with a baby. Isaiah tried to tell him he was not a baby, but the kid just mocked him. Then he proceeded to call Noah weird.

I wanted to punch him.

But instead he was told it was time to go home. Kids don't say those kinda things without their parents ever hearing it. Mine have tried it a time or two, but are quickly corrected.

Isaiah asked me after, what was the right thing to say back. The first thing that burst out of my mouth was "kiss my ass". Yeahhhh I said that to a five year old. I win for mother of the year right? He looked at me, mouth open, and said, " I can't say that!" My even better response? Okay, say "kiss my butt".

I am trying to do the right thing. To raise kind, loving boys. To teach them not to use their fists to solve things and to never say things like that to another child, ever. However, I am not going to raise victims. So, go for it kiddo. If some turd comes in OUR house and calls you names, "kiss my butt" it is.


Mandy Barrett said...

Heck Ya! Love it. By the way, if I was there. Ohhhhh. 8 or not, no one makes my baby cry. There would have been trouble.

Sarah R said...

I've banned certain kids from my house. Sometimes, it has to be done.

Lauren (@solstice621) said...

I don't blame you a bit. I like how he said "I can't say that!" LOL. And how strange that that boy was only 8 and was just outside and able to come over. can you imagine? Have you met his parents yet?

mom2nji said...

I have not met his parents yet. And he showed up again to play, I refused. I hate being THAT mom, but I am not going to allow that kind of behavior in my house. Also I really don't get the just walking into a strangers house thing.

Adrienne said...

I'm always amazed when I see kids roaming around the neighborhood! Once there used to be this family around the corner that would let their toddler(diaper and all!) walk around with a bunch of older hood rats! CRAZY! So sorry that your son is dealing with bullying. This seems to be a big problem these days. :(