Wednesday, September 22, 2010


For some bizarre reason this is the name the boys came up with years ago for testicles. They know the right name, but like their version better.

Tuesday Milo was neutered. I explained on the way there what they would be doing and why, but we were in a hurry and there was no time for questions. After I picked them up from school we headed out to bring Milo home.

He was insanely hyper for a dog who had just had surgery and peed on my foot in excited glee when he saw me. That has nothing to do with the story, but I like to over share.

On the way home Isaiah noticed that Milo no longer had gutballs and screamed to the others, "WHAT DID THEY DO TO HIS GUTBALLS!! THEY ARE GONE!!"

Noah immediately looked back and said, "They took the round part out! Why?" So I explained again that they do this so he can't make puppies. To which Noah exclaimed in totally awe, "There were two puppies in his gutballs??!?!?"

I was choking back laughter when Isaiah piped up from the back, "No! Duh, if there has been puppies in there, they would have been moving."

I am a very open person about sex, but really didn't want to discuss dog sperm in the van with all three boys.

Only in my life. heh


Sarah R said...

I can't think of a better place to talk about dog sperm, Jenni. Come on, roll with it!

Ziggy said...

Hahaha, hilarious! Your boys sound adorable :)

~Ziggy (visiting via WW)