Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Roller Coaster

Friday we were just starting to let it sink in that we were having a baby, maybe. I got great lab results and a everything was looking good. Sunday it all came crashing down. After what should have been a one hour trip to the lab turned into three( the accidentally canceled my test/results, had to find my blood again, rush to run test) I found out my numbers were barely moving up. I was crushed, but had to come home and hold it together because Jordan's Birthday party started just minutes later.
Come Monday I called Ob. They never got Sunday's lab results and couldnt get them from the hospital, so I drove to the office and gave them the copy I had.
The nurse thought something was off and sent me for a third test.
The results were amazing! Not only had my numbers doubled from Sunday, but were almost FIVE times as high and a perfect doubling every 48 hours from Friday's test.
So for right now we are back on track.
I have an ultrasound next Thursday, where if we see a heartbeat, will be the first time in the last five pregnancies, and a REALLY awesome sign.


Sarah R said...

You know I'm smiling.


congrats and hope all goes well!