Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Rant (having nothing to do with being crazy or pregnant)

So I stumble across this Rolling Stone article tease yesterday, featuring Justin Beiber.

Unlike most adults, I think he is cute, in a I want to pinch your cheeks kinda way, and he has some actually musical talent, but that is irrelevant. I knew just from the little snippet he was going to catch hell for it.

In the story he is asked questions regarding premarital sex, abortion, and whether he wants to be a US citizen. He answers candidly, openly, and well... like a kid. BECAUSE he is a damn kid. Why the hell is a reputable magazine asking a minor these questions?

Not very many 16 yo's have a firm stance on abortion, unless it was passed down from their parents, and then it's not really their own anyway.

I think there was nothing wrong with his sex before marriage answer either, dude don't paint yourself into the Britney virgin box, and have it come back to bite your ass.

What is shockingly getting the most flack was his lack of desire to be an American. Why the hell should he?? He is proud of his Canadian back round, most Canadian's I know are... quite honestly Americans need to wake up and look at the way the rest of the world sees us. America is no longer the dream country, that everyone wants to live in.

Also the comment about the health care... spot on. Some are bashing him for not providing his body guard with better heath insurance. UM DUH. Even with good health insurance a preemie can cost ten's of thousands just in co-pays and premiums.


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