Saturday, December 4, 2010

Not you too Santa

I hesitate to post this after the whole "My Son is Gay" hoopla, but I am annoyed and this is my outlet sooo....

Today we took the boys to the mall to see Santa. They were totally stoked. I am 90% sure we are in the last year of innocence in this department. They are 5,7,and 10 (though N's adjusted age it 4/5) and still fully believe that Santa is all knowing and full of the awesome.

He was a great looking Santa, real beard and all. He listened patiently to the boys tell him what they wanted and what fabulous pretty good okay children they were all year.

Then as they were about to leave, he made a joke. A joke that made me want to punch him in his jingle bells.

He said, "So you all want Barbies, RIGHT? Pretty Barbies, like little girls. ha ha ha."

Doesn't seem like that big of a deal to most boys right? Except that my sweet son ASKED ME FOR A BARBIE. Because of his autism, he had been too shy to tell Santa most of his list. I am almost thankful for that. What if he HAD told Santa he wanted a Barbie? Would he have teased him?

My son asked my why he had said that afterward, he doesn't get joking all the time, though he is funny as hell. He quickly brushed it off and forgot about it, but I haven't.

Maybe I am overreacting, being sensitive about this. I don't know. Sigh. I just think Santa should be a little more sensitive and less gender obsessed.

Side note. No. I don't think my son is gay, not that I would give two shits if he was. He likes girls a lot and has a little girl friend in school. With his mental delays and autism he just doesn't seem to care about what should be for girls or boys. Santa could learn a thing or two


Anonymous said...

That Santa was an idiot. Charlie said they obviously did not hire the right representative for the real Santa. He also said that the idiot santa was going to be on the real santa's "naughty" list!

Maria Melee said...

Oh jeez that is ridiculous. :(

Sarah R said...

My boys used to play with baby dolls when they were little. Having an older sister kind of geared them toward it. Bad choice of words, Santa!

cl2eep said...

Yet another example of the American tendency to assume that everyone thinks like them. It's really a pretty shocking habit for a country as diverse as ours.

Amy Watson said...

I have heard the same thing uttered by family members...and they were quickly put in their place. Why does no one think it a big deal if a girl plays with cars, but get all bent out of shape when a boy wants a doll? I think I would have put "Santa" in his place too!