Sunday, July 25, 2010

We knew a new dog would bring adventures but...

Not this many, this fast.

Poor sweet Milo started out his day with death threats from the cat.
Don't let her sweet kitty looks fool you, she will cut a bitch. Just ask anyone who has tried to visit our house.

He was a very good sport about camping with the boys.

He went to the vet for his first shots and did fantastic. He is a healthy 25 lbs, perfect for his breed and age, apparently they are supposed to be on the thin side.
We were told repeatedly how pretty he was.

When we got home he was running around the yard with the boys after going potty, and stepped on glass left behind by the asshat window guy. He nearly sliced one of the pads of his foot off. It was bleeding pretty badly and I was worried about infection. So we went to the emergency vet. Five hours, almost $500, and tears later we came home sedated and stitched up. He has to wear a cone for 10-14 days, take antibiotics, and pain pills but he will be fine. Thank goodness.


Hope Scout said...

Awww how'd you pick his name? He's seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen. I'm glad you got him, dark colored pups are the first to be euthanized at shelters because for some reason they're the least likely to be adopted, so I'm glad he didn't have to go back to the shelter. He is so awesomely cute! The tennis ball thing just breaks my heart, so glad you finally got your doggie!

mom2nji said...

Milo is the name he came with, he listened to it really well and it fit him so it stuck. lol I don't think he was from a shelter, he is supposed to be a purebred, he just wasn't being taken care of. I didn't care what his breed was,we just fell in love. :)