Monday, July 26, 2010

Movin on...


Well kinda... laterally.

We were given an opportunity to move to a slightly larger house for less money. And we are taking it. The house we have lived in for years, we were not allowed to paint the walls anything but flat off white. Our last two places were the same. We have NEVER been allowed to paint the walls colors. In this house we are! I am going to have a color orgasm. Then there is the issue with the mold.

Our new doggy is welcome there and it has a HUGE yard.

So if I am posting even less than usual, I will be packing, painting, and fretting.

On a semi related note, I am finally getting some help for my out of control anxiety. I have an appointment on Friday. I have been battling for four years med free, since we were trying have a baby. We have decided to STOP trying. I am not sure we will ever try again, but for now, I am done. So med city here I come.

The miscarriage, the cancer scare, the move are all overwhelming me. I have spent most days crippled by the racing heart, cold sweats, and paralyzing fear.

It's time to stop just treading water and feel GOOD again.

We are hoping that a new house will mean a fresh start. We are leaving the pain and loss in that happened in the four years in this house, behind.


alicia said...

Sounds wonderful. Yah for fresh starts.

Mandy Barrett said...

I feel like you on the cusp of a great new time in your life. A time fulled with joy, happiness, and excitement. This is a new beginning and I am so happy for you. Happy for Milo, new house, decorating, painting, and relief from the anxiety that I know you can get.