Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Isaiah

In the scary hours after our second son was born, I was told I shouldn't have anymore babies. Thank God we didn't listen to that doctor. I can't imagine for one second our lives without Isaiah. From the second he was born, he has been a ray of sunshine for everyone who he meets. He is the same way now as he was as a baby, even tempered and happy, not much phases him. He always has a smile, hug, or laugh for everyone.

Today my little guy turns five. Part of me is heartbroken, the other part is so proud of the little man he is quickly becoming. Pre-k graduation is around the corner and in the fall, I send him out into the big bad world of Elementary school. I am not worried about him as much as I was the other two, he is academically and socially a pro. But he is still my BABY.

Today daddy and I let him skip school and took him to spend his birthday cash, to Build a Bear, and to a special lunch. The kid never ceases to amaze me. He made sure almost every toy he bought could be shared with his brothers. A snow cone machine, a bubble machine, movies, all things that all three can enjoy. I adore his heart.

He is funny.

And oh so cute.
Five Today


Sarah R said...

He is so precious! You are one blessed lady, Mama.


he is capital Adorable! man! look out ladies...

Mandy Barrett said...

Aww!!! He is so so so cute!!