Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wake Me When It Is Time

When we were little, the three of us kids used pretend to sleep for "days", to make time go faster, you know because we reasoned that time went fast at night. I remember one summer break we were going to Wet and Wild(a water park)on a weekend, so Monday we piled into one bed, determined to sleep until the weekend. Of course it only lasted a few hours and we couldn't take it anymore, we had to run and play. The weekend came on it's own time and we had a blast at Wet and Wild.

I feel like doing that right now. I desperately want to speed up this pregnancy, at least until I KNOW the baby is okay. I haven't blogged since I announced it, because I am kinda paralyzed. I am fighting with fear almost every minute. Each day that passes I become more hopeful, more attached, yet there is more to lose.

I am going to do my best not to turn my blog into a bunch of paranoid, whining, pregnancy crap. So if I am quiet for a while, you can pretty much count on the fact that I am rocking in a corner poking my boobs, to see if they still hurt.


My Bottle's Up! said...

no explanation needed, mama. you do what you need to do to take care of you and yours. we'll be here for ya, regardless of how much time you take for yourself.


Tiffany said...

If you keep poking them, you'll make them hurt and then you won't worry. :) Seriously though, I really think this one is it for you guys!

MCMFamily said...

My dear friend I am praying for you everyday! Everything your feeling is normal. God bless you!!

Woo222 said...

I think of you everyday. I wish I could speed it up for you. And I LOVED your post about I..just don't have time to leave a separate comment. I love you very, very much. I will always be keeping an eye on you.