Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Time My Head Exploded on Facebook

****If you are one of the few conservative friends I have left, just skip this post. Love ya****

I admit, I am a horrible person, when it comes to political stuff, especially on Facebook.

If I went to High School with you 13 years ago, we haven't talked in person, some how became friends on Facebook, and you post something totally ignorant, I am am going to HIDE or un-friend you. Wow that was a run on sentence.

Since the election I have learned, if a friend request is a fan of either; Glen Beck, Fox News, Sarah Palin, the Teabaggers, or George W. you will be DENIED. Sorry. I just can't take it.

This little rant leads to my head exploding.

Yesterday, while avoiding housework, I was playing on Facebook. I landed on a post from a clearly redneck high school "friend" ranting about Obama taking away the National Day of Prayer. This was not the first post of that nature I had read yesterday. Just like the others, I just linked the Snopes story that clarified that Obama in NO way planned on stopping the day of prayer, despite the fact it was deemed unconstitutional.

No, I am not saying he should have canceled it, in fact I will not give an opinion on it at all.

Well everyone else I linked to the articles that proved he was not planning on canceling it quietly erased their posts. Not this dude, who for the sake of identity, we will call Bubba. NO Bubba wanted to fight. Which is cool, I am always down for a brawl debate. He wasn't even the one that made my head explode, it was his friends...
Here is a rundown of the comments on the post:

me:linking to the articles

Bubba:oh YOU are one of the uninformed people who voted for that man, ain't you.

Me:Yes, I proudly voted for Obama. I was and continue to be well informed. Which is why I am INFORMING you that story is not true.

Bubbetta (female friend):Well I saw it on FOX news so it MUST be true.


Bubba#2:I hear he is going to tax every gallon of gas we get.

Bubba#3:I hear he is going to take away our right to fish.

Bubba:That man is just NO GOOD for our great country

me:let me guess you all think he is a Muslim still?

Bubba: YES

Finally my brain could take no more. I blocked him. Sweet baby Jesus, he wants to take away our right to go fishin'? What is this world coming to?


Brittney said...

LMAO this is hilarious!! People kill me with their facebook statuses!

Mandy Barrett said...

Hahahahahahahahahahaahahahaahaha. That is what we get for going to high school in sanford.

judy said...

LMAO, omg its true, Sanford HS's!!

Sarah R said...

It seems to me that your complaint is against uneducated people, not conservatives.

Love, your conservative friend, Sarah.

Woo222 said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA lol. Give me liberty or give me death, but god forbid, don't take away my right to fish! Excuse me while I laugh myself to death. ;) It's scary how many people still hold untrue ideas about Obama. My almost mother in law NEVER believed he was Christian now. She always thought he must still be Muslim. God forbid I suggest that even if he WERE still Muslim, he's a good guy. lol.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Some people's ignorance astounds me. I un-friend people ALL.THE.TIME b/c of stuff like that. Like people from HS that I haven't *really* talked to in over 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Unfriending people due to drama? That is soooo immature.

mom2nji said...

hmmm I never said I unfriended them because of drama. I did it because they were morons. BIG DIFFERENCE. Also very ballsy to comment anonymously.

judy said...

WOOOOHOOOOO gotta agree there Jenni, but again typical behavior from someone who thinks you getting idiots from you life is immature , then comments anon!! Hopefully youve unfriended this person already!

Leeandra said...

You started the conflict by posting a comment on their status. Why not just hide them if their posts upset you? Or unfriend them without starting something?

mom2nji said...

I actually only posted a link to prove what they were posting was incorrect, with NO comment of my own opinion. It was only when MY intelligence was called into question did I respond. And even then I think I was pretty polite. I only became frustrated seeing how many people have 100% incorrect information, when it comes to our government. FOX news is NOT real NEWS. For the love of God.