Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break

This week was the kiddos spring break from school. Up until this year, I would have been dreading this week. Really sick to my stomach with dread. This year was totally different, I was looking forward to it.


First, hubby took the week off too, so we had an entire of week of family time. Second, my kids are fun. I LOVED having babies and toddlers and really worried about the next phase of childhood. Now that we are here, I am loving it. They are still young enough to need and want me, but old enough to be pretty independent. All in all, it rocks.

We went on egg hunts, to the beach, flew kites, to the movies, shopping, out to eat, watched movies at home, fired up the bbq for the first time,and just reveled in lazy spring time fun.

Hubby has to go back to work tomorrow and the kids and I are headed off to a big birthday party. School starts again on Monday, sigh. I say bring on summer.



love these pictures...make me crave time off...glad yall had a good spring break

cl2eep said...

Awww, looking at your pictures made me wish I'd gone to the beach with y'all!

Spring Break said...

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