Monday, March 8, 2010

Reasons Changing Your Birthday Doesn't Work

My birthday is cursed. As long as I can remember, I have never had a truly HAPPY birthday. There were some meh ones, which on the scale of my birthdays is great. Three years ago I was picking up Kai's ashes on the 12. My dad's fiance, practically wife, passed away last month. Her birthday? March 12th. Sigh. The date just has so much sadness attached to it. So this year, I just decided to change it. I even changed it on facebook, to avoid my poor dad having to see lots of birthday posts, on a day that will be rough for him. So this year March 7th was my birthday. I had a pretty good day, but don't think changing it helped.

1. I changed it to avoid heartache, but still had to explain the reasons why 20 times, still rehashing sadness.

2. People get confused.

3. Family will just skip birthday all together.

4. People think you are crazy.

So to recap, birthdays suck.

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Woo222 said...

*sigh* I'm sorry. You are so sweet, so kind, so thoughtful, even when you are going through so much, to try to protect your dad. You're a hell of a person, Jenni. If there were more people like you out there, we'd live in a totally different world. Maybe people will ask less ?s the longer it is changed? Maybe you could say "It is a long story..this just works better for me." ? I don't know. I feel like my comments always fall short. I never know how to express what I really want to say.