Thursday, March 4, 2010

domo arigato, mr. roboto

I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Yet, I was still unprepared.

What strikes fear/annoyance in the hearts of school age parents? At home "projects", that's what. With a first grader, we are well adjusted to the world of nightly homework, but this was our first BIG project. It came with the very cough*detailed*cough instructions of "build a robot". GEE THANKS. Jordan was also armed with the knowledge that last year, someone made one that MOVED. DOUBLE GEE THANKS.

I have no idea what the protocol here is... Do I let him do it alone? Do I help? Do I do the whole damn thing?

I kinda have a hang up about these things. I always had the CRAPPIEST school projects. I never had the cool supplies or very much in the parent help area. I am terrified of my boys feeling the way I did.

So I ran out to Target and bought magic clay, glad ware, a SUPPOSEDLY permanent gluey stuff, and pipe cleaners. Thinking I could attach the glad ware with the glue into a robot shape and cover him in the clay and BAM robot.

Ummm FAIL.

Turns out NOTHING sticks to glad ware. Buh-bye $25. Back to square one.

We ran back out to the craft store and took out a loan for more supplies. Who knew foam was so damn expensive?

Armed with more gluey stuff, foam, paints, and clay from the first trip. We were able to create Mr. Roboto.


fidget said...

he's quite the sassy thing

Woo222 said...

I love him!!! How cool!!! You guys are so creative!! ~Susan

Tiffany said...

He's awesome! Drew wouldn't even bring his to school. It was pretty bad.