Sunday, September 6, 2009

Unsolicited Review: Bounce Dryer Bar

I was so freaking excited to try this and it was made even better when I had the coupons to get it free. The Bounce Dryer Bar smelled awesome from the package. The concept is simple enough, skip the hassle of dryer sheets and just stick the bar inside your dryer. It is supposed to last up to four months, I was hoping for it to last two months since we do a crap ton of laundry.

First load of towels came out awesome! Super soft and fluffy and smelled amazing. The second load had 10 pairs of brand new Old Navy boy's jeans. When they were done, I damn near burst into tears, the jeans were all covered in streaks of white goo. I had to scrub and rewash them all. I thought maybe it was only the jeans, because the next load of t-shirts came out OK, but the bar fell off the dryer wall during the cycle (it stuck back on). Flash forward after a week of laundry (no more jeans) the damn thing fell apart, in pieces, in my dryer and got all over clothes again. I would never recommend it!

***this review was in no way solicited by Bounce***


sam {temptingmama} said...

AW crap. I hadn't used mine because I didn't know how it would work with a high efficiency dryer. Now I'm scared.

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh I had a feeling about this. I received one at blogher this year and it is still on the shelf. I have been too afraid to try it. Thank you so much! The part I was worried about was getting the bar holder off of my dryer once it was stuck on. I realize you can take the bar off but what about the holder thing? Does that come off easily? I am just curious.

Sarah R said...

I had a feeling it would be a piece of crap. I haven't tried it, and now I certainly won't. word verification is "clings" which I find amusing considering our topic. Bwahahahaha!